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FOLLISTATIN (Activin-Binding Protein)

• CAS number: 158709-61-6
• Molecular Weight: 34.7 kDa
• Formula: C5H6N4O2

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FOLLISTATIN (Activin-Binding Protein)

FOLLISTATIN product pack


FOLLISTATIN (Activin-Binding Protein) is a synthetic protein of the natural protein follistatin which binds activin, another protein. Activin promotes the secretion of follicle stimulating hormone and is also involved in cellular proliferation. Follistatin is used in the treatment of different types of cancers. 

FOLLISTATIN (Activin-Binding Protein) Mechanism of action

Follistatin is known to inhibit activin. Activin is a protein heavily involved in the proliferation of cells in the body. When there is an overexpression of activin, there can be unrestrained proliferation of cells which can lead to cancer. Follistatin can be used to inhibit activin, to serve as a control for the cellular proliferation from activin. Follistatin binds to activin, forming a complex that renders it inactive to exert its proliferative effects. Follistatin can also reduce the severity of inflammation in diseases like asthma and colitis. 

FOLLISTATIN (Activin-Binding Protein)  Dosage

As prescribed by the physician.

FOLLISTATIN (Activin-Binding Protein)  Side effects

Hypogonadism, cardiac hypertrophy, anxiety depression and lipid profile changes.

FOLLISTATIN (Activin-Binding Protein) Interactions



? Activin-Binding Protein . . . . . . . . 1mg
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